The Mac Apps That Help Boost My Productivity On WFH Days

Mac Apps for WFH

Increasing my productivity at home became so simple with these must-have Mac apps for WFH days.

While working from home can be a great way to offset the time it takes to commute, sometimes not having your full desk setup and a mostly controlled office environment can work against you. Luckily, I’ve been able to find some Mac apps for WFH days that have drastically changed my productivity at home for the better. Keep scrolling for the good stuff.

For me, not having an extra monitor at home (my 55 inch TV just doesn’t feel right as a second monitor) makes having multiple windows open more difficult to sift through — even pressing F3 sucks. Or walking away from my laptop for a few minutes (in an attempt to find a snack) just to return to my sleeping computer and the anxiety of a possible loss of data. Yea, distractions and lack of equipment can make WFH days annoying sometimes. Not all of the time, but sometimes.

(Note: I realize I sound like a spoiled brat, but when you get a taste of convenience, going back is hard.)

So what’s a girl to do? Let tech do its thing, of course!

My favorite Mac Apps for WFH days


Theine - Mac Apps for WFH

Having the option to toggle an anti-sleep feature at the click of a button is soo helpful. Click on when I need it to not go to sleep… click off when I’d much rather my screen sleep after a few seconds for security reasons… Pretty straightforward and so convenient!


Magnet - Mac Apps for WFH

Okay, this one REALLY changed my WFH workflow. Given that I have multiple projects I directly manage, having multiple windows open is a must. Without a second monitor at home, windows easily get lost under a sea of windows with dozens of tabs open. Magnet is a tool that allows me to neatly organize my windows (with magnetic-like movement) in several pre-set sizes using keyboard commands. This honestly has made WFH go so much smoother and definitely makes me feel more organized and swift in organizing my screens.

Last but not least…




Ah, good ol’ slack. Staying in touch with my team is an absolute must on WFH days. Having dedicated group chats and 1:1 messaging features via text, call or video makes it easy to keep projects going. Integrations with other productivity apps allows me to stay in the loop more effectively as well. Communicating with GIFs is pretty fun, too.

Working from home goes soo much smoother with these common but essential Mac Apps. What are your favorite Mac apps for when you work from home, or in general? Let me know in the comments below!




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