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Glossier Lid Star

Creme eyeshadows are making a comeback and it looks like it’s here to stay this time. Of course Glossier had to come out with their own version ($18 for one or 2 for $30) that would satisfy any “no-makeup makeup” fan but still make a statement! By far this is the most expressive makeup they have released and the stakes are high. The hype is crazy for these products but are the Glossier Lidstar eye glows any good and worth splurging on?

“Skincare first, makeup second.”

Glossier is known for its minimalist packaging and no fuss makeup. They want to create products that you will reach for everyday and still make you look like you, but a bit more put together. When I heard that they were releasing an eyeshadow-like product, I was stoked. Glossier had not really focused on eye makeup other than concealer and a limited edition pencil eyeliner so I was really curious to see their version of eye makeup!

Why is the Glossier Lidstar called an eye glow and not an eye shadow?

No where on the official product page is this item called an eyeshadow. It is referred to as an “eye glow”. While it is not officially labeled an eyeshadow, it is a product you can use like an eyeshadow. Interesting and smart on their part. Why? I’m going to speculate that they were trying to get away from being compared to “eyeshadow”. Most people think of a standard eyeshadow as super pigmented and dense with product. ¬†This product is definitely more Glossier, aka subtle. It provides more of a light wash of color that still peeks through and if compared to a dense “eyeshadow” product people can misunderstand their intent and feel like the product is underwhelming. All my own opinions and speculation, of course! And definitely not a bad thing.

Formula, finish, application and blendability

The Glossier Lidstar is a cream based product that dries down nicely and sets extremely well once dried. As in, it will not move or crease even after a few hours of wear! It is a sheer product but it is also very buildable in case you want a more opaque finish. Wether you are wearing it more sheer or more opaque, you get a nice pearlescent glow with a bit of sparkle. It is available in 6 shades and in my experience is best applied and blending using your fingers. Oh, and if you wanted to create your own shade, they play very nicely when mixed together!

Pros and Cons

Every product has its ups and downs, just like a relationship. Personally I have a “great relationship” with Glossier but you know I always have to keep it real. Here’s the breakdown of what I really liked and disliked about this product.


  • Buildable
  • Super blendable
  • Easy to apply and does not get messy
  • Packaging is super compact and cute
  • Packaging makes it easy to identify color and how much product remains
  • Shade range is lovely and product looks good on wide range of skin tones
  • Doe foot wand makes for easy application to eyelids
  • Does not crease
  • Does not oxidize or change color once dried


  • A bit costly for the amount of product you get. If you like a more opaque look, you will go through this product really fast.
  • Limited shade availability.
  • Does not last very long. After a few hours, much of the sparkle and pearlescent tones fade away while leaving a base color.
  • Only available to purchase online unless you can go to their showroom in NYC or pop up location in SF (until mid April).
  • Will not satisfy those who love a more intense and opaque look. This product is very sheer and will take a lot of product to create a more intense look. You would be better off using powder eyeshadow applied wet.

This product is perfect for Glossier fans.

I love this product! Soft, glistening eyes with a bit of glow are right up my alley. Glossier definitely put their signature on this product by making it pretty but not over the top. It is pretty expected from this brand and exactly what Glossier fans want. If you prefer a more intense and opaque eye makeup look, this product may not be your favorite when worn alone. For everyday eye makeup that is easy, pretty but barely there, this product is for you!


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