I went to the Glossier Pop Up in SF and it was AMAZING

As a long time Glossier fan and passionate Digital Marketer, I had to go to the Glossier Pop Up when I found one was coming to San Francisco. Glossier is the definition of minimal makeup and great branding- two things I absolutely admire! This was my experience.


glossier pop up


You can expect to wait in line for an hour to get into the Glossier Pop Up at Rhea’s Cafe in San Francisco… But it’s so worth it!

On the other hand, it’s not hard to wait in line for an hour on a beautiful sunny day in the City while sampling new Glossier products by the super friendly Glossier reps! Not only that, you get to make new makeup friends! Interestingly enough, I also met a ton of people who had no idea what Glossier was! They only saw the billboards from their office windows and could not help but become curious. I’m sure the Glossier marketing team would be happy to hear that!

Walking into the pop up was more than a dream come true.

Most because standing in line that long started to suck, but hey. The things we do for the brands we love! Inside was nothing short of what Glossier heaven would look like.

glossier pop up

From digital only to a fully-stocked neighborhood cafe.

Having been able to swatch every single item that Glossier carries was super awesome, and for now, a very unique opportunity given that they only sell their products online with the exception of their showroom in NYC and their pop up in SF. Which is also temporary, by the way. So you know I spent as much time in there as possible before it got too stuffy.

After a while I couldn’t handle being shoulder to shoulder anymore.

So I went ahead and placed my order and luckily ordering was a breeze. I placed my order with a rep who entered in the order via tablet. In only a few minutes, my name was called and my order was ready. It came in a super plain bag with a sticker that had my name on it. On the inside were a few samples, stickers, and they even tossed in their signature pink bubble wrap zip case!

glossier pop up

Overall Glossier did an amazing job at transforming a local cafe into a really satisfying experience to shop for Glossier products. You almost feel like you’re inside of a boulangerie but instead of baked goods you have perfectly displayed makeup and skincare products. Genius! This pop up may also change how brands lease space for their pop up shops, much like the Glossier pop up. Who would have thought that you can sell makeup out of a random neighborhood cafe, none the less have a huge line form outside of it? Well done, Glossier!

glossier pop up

If you have time to go to the Glossier pop up at Rhea’s cafe in San Francisco, I would highly, highly suggest that you make it happen! The location will be open until April 15th between the hours of 11am – 8pm. For more details click here.

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