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I’m not sure if I’ve been into minimalism because it’s budget friendly, sustainable, or simply because it satisfies my inner neat freak, but it’s been creeping into every aspect of my life- including my personal style.

Over the years, my style has become more “basic” but highly usable. As in.. I have less stuff, but get way more out of the stuff I own. By the way, I’ve never read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It all started with Pinterest. Randomly coming across capsule wardrobe pins really inspired me to have a smaller wardrobe, but one I could get more outfits out of. You can blame it on my age, my wallet, perfect instagram grids, whatever. Minimalist style is here to stay. The best part? Minimalist apparel brands only seem to be growing and becoming more mainstream. People want less logos and more usability from the items they wear. Well I do, anyway.

Here are some minimalist apparel brands I’ve been loving:


Everlane, based in San Francisco, California, is the epitome of minimal but timeless apparel, accessories and shoes. Might I mention that this brand is Meghan Markle approved? Yes… Everything can seem dull and boring (or at least that’s the reaction I’ve received by some, certainly not my own) but actually there’s a lot behind the veil to admire. Sustainability, transparency, and high quality essentials at really awesome prices makes this brand a favorite of mine. Also, they started off digital-only, but now have two HIGHLY instagrammable locations in NYC and SF. However… I might be a bit biased, as someone who was born and raised just right across the city in Oakland, California.


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Madewell is a fun brand that I’ve really been eyeing for a while now. Fun, effortless, sexy, casual are words that come to mind when I think about this brand. While they do offer more options, color and prints than Everyone does, this brand still has minimalism in mind. Their focus is timelessness, and “keep forever” items- such as their bags, jackets, denim… You get the picture! My favorite item they carry probably has to be their ever so popular “Central Shirt” and their slingback flats.

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Universal Thread

Source: Target

Target left me pleasantly surprised with the launch of their new brand Universal Thread. Basic tee’s, denim, and cute shoes at an affordable price and at one of my favorite stores! I definitely get the same vibe that Madewell gives when I browse through the displays and racks at Target, making Universal Thread a great cost-effective alternative to Madewell if you’re looking for a similar style!

These are only a few of my favorite minimalist apparel brands for essentials and timeless items. There are other brands I’ve been really liking but haven’t been shopping at as much as the brands mentioned above. Share if you love minimalist apparel, too!

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