How I’m Finding Meaning Between Jobs

Last month I decided to move back to the Bay Area. Living away from my hometown was a great experience, but after feeling like I got what I needed out of the journey away from home, I decided to return with bright eyes. Leaving my comfy marketing job and huge apartment was surely a scary experience. Knowing that I’d be moving back without an offer in hand, although I started my search for a new role a few weeks before the move, was definitely making my anxiety creep up on me. After a month and countless interviews, I still am in that funny space between jobs. Finding meaning in between jobs is another battle!

While I can say that I have definitely become more skilled in interviewing and I’ve been able to have a more clearly defined end-goal, it can be easy to fall off the wagon of positivity and productivity.

Downtime, however, can be a powerful period that can impact your life in many ways depending on how you use that downtime. In the past 4 weeks, I improved my skills as an interviewer and have become more aware of what I want out of my career. But that’s not the best part… Having downtime has allowed me to rediscover myself as someone who is renewed, invigorated and full of goals that are ready to be owned. I have not yet received an offer, but interviews are feeling more fluid, my job hunting strategy has improved, and and I have a gut feeling like something awesome is coming. In the interim, here are a few ways that has made my lifestyle and downtime more meaningful and fun!

Finding Meaning Between Jobs

Chillin’ ain’t easy. Until I started doing these things.

1. Working on my health

My previous role burned me out. It was easy to reach for quick and unhealthy snacks or taking a few days off from the gym. In the end, I put on a few pounds and loss some confidence from not working out. In the past 4 weeks, I have joined my old gym (yay) and make it a point to go at least 4-5 times a week. I have lost a few pounds and I’m not struggling with a 3 mile treadmill run 4-5 times a week anymore. My confidence level has soared and it feels good to know that I’m taking care of my health again.

2. Taking up new hobbies (and enjoying old ones)

Picking up my camera and shooting more often has been really amazing. Not only am I refreshing my content portfolio, but I am going to awesome places and experiencing my old hometown area in new ways. Also, I’ve been spending more time reading magazines and inspiring books to stay motivated as a writer and to help pass the time.

3. Spending time with people

Before this whole move and period of unemployment, I was so hard to get a hold of- or so I’ve been told. Spending more time with family and friends has really been a huge positive in my life. Being burned out and overwhelmed from my previous marketing gig in made it easy to isolate myself. So, being around an awesome support system has been so re-energizing and a superb way to find meaning in between jobs!

4. Learning new skills

As a lifelong learner, I am always seeking to learn new things and skills to help keep my resume interesting and attractive. I’ve been loving General Assembly for short form classes and have spent a ton of time engaging in online communities specific to my career goals and interests. Not only am I building my confidence and building my network, but I am helping myself remain an attractive candidate!

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