The Best Photo Editing Apps All Bloggers Need to Have

There’s nothing more beautiful than a neat and aesthetically appealing Instagram grid. Using some of the best photo editing apps can help you achieve a more appealing feed and images in general. Here are some of my favorite feeds that incorporate good editing and unity:


Best Photo Editing Apps


best photo editing apps

There are many elements that go into what I consider a good Instagram grid, and one of them is good photo editing. Finding a good photo editing app can be time consuming and frustrating. Especially when all you wants to do is create more content! I’ve narrowed down my own list of what I consider the best photo editing apps for you guys to try on your own photos. Scroll down for more content!


Free. Available on iOS and Android.

You’ve probably heard about this app over, and over again. That’s because it’s one of the best mobile photo editing apps that allows you to quickly make beautiful edits when you’re on the go. VSCO offers free filters, with the option to purchase more filter packages, and even a yearly subscription that gives you access to all of their filters. A manual editing mode is also available, which is pretty standard and straightforward to use. Anyone would appreciate the abilities that VSCO offers. VSCO however does not include selective editing abilities, but it’s still good to have installed on your phone for quick edits and a great selection of filters that will bring your photos to life.

Before VSCO

Best photo editing apps

After VSCO

(F2 preset + manual adjusments)

Side by Side


2. Adobe Lightroom Classic / CC

Subscription (+$9.99/ month on a 12 mo. agreement) and single software purchase ($119.88) available. Mobile app (free features w/ upgrades available) also available for iOS and Android.

Adobe Lightroom is my favorite photo editing app for it’s robust editing abilities. My favorite feature is being able to selectively edit specific areas of a photo (masking) using the brush tool. Other good features include adding fun gradient effects that you don’t see in more basic photo editing apps. Of course you get your basic editing options and the ability to store photos in the cloud so you can edit across your devices. There is a difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC which you can learn more about by clicking here. Overall, Lightroom is definitely considered the “gold standard” in photo editing software. The user interface makes this option highly appealing to people of all editing skill levels as well as the wide assortment tools and features to create stunning edits. By the way, Adobe does offer student and educator pricing for their Creative Cloud subscriptions. Click here for all of the details.

Before Lightroom

Best Photo Editing Apps

After Lightroom

(Manual adjustments + masking)

Best Photo Editing Apps

Side by Side

3. Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform focused on visual content such as video and photos. Of course it would come loaded with a basic set of photo editing tools that allows you to perform edits that actually look good! Sometimes I find myself taking photos directly from Instagram and performing the edits in the app. It just provides a seamless flow of picture taking and editing all in one step. For the most part I find myself using the sharpness, brightness, and fade adjustment the most when editing inside of Instagram. Instagram is a convenient photo editing app when you know how to utilize environmental lighting conditions and composition to create the perfect shot on a good smartphone camera such as the iPhone 8+ and iPhone X.

Before Instagram

best photo editing apps

After Instagram

(Manual adjusments)

best photo editing apps

Side by Side

Photo editing apps are plentiful, but these are definitely some of the best photo editing apps for ease, robustness and convenience!

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