The Ultimate List of Basic Travel Tips All Girl Bosses Need to Know

basic travel tips

Traveling is very special to me. Experiencing places new and learning about new cultures is a rewarding and exhilarating experience. The one thing about traveling I don’t like? Planning. It’s fun but it’s also stressful getting all the logistics right. Luckily there are a few basic travel tips that are tried and true to make traveling less stressful!

Basic travel tips to get you through your next adventure:


  • Only pack what you need. Heavy bags are such a drag to carry around especially when it could have been avoided.
  • Minimize how many bags you bring. The less you bring and need to be responsible for, the more you can focus on enjoying your trip.
  • Roll your clothes. Tightly rolling clothes saves a ton of luggage space.
  • Meet bag size and weight requirements. The last thing you want to do is get smacked with an unexpected charge for not meeting size and weight requirements, or needing to unexpectedly check a bag in. Check with your airline before your trip.
  • Mark your bags for easy identification. Tie a vivid ribbon or handkerchief somewhere on your bag that will help you easily spot it in a sea of luggage bags.
  • Bring only what is permitted. Certain items are not permitted in your carry on and even your checked bag. Always check with your airline.
  • Put all of your allowable essential items in your carry on. Digging through your bags in front of a huge line of frustrated travelers is so embarrassing.


  • Bring location appropriate clothes. Check the forecast before you leave to avoid packing clothes you won’t wear.
  • Versatile pieces are a game changer. Clothes that can be worn in multiple ways allow you to get more outfits from your wardrobe. Who really wants to pack their entire closet and drag it around with them on a trip?
  • Comfort is key. Traveling requires a lot of movement. Bring clothes that will keep you comfortable on and off the plane.

basic travel tips


  • Multipurpose items are your bestie. I like to bring items with multiple uses to reduce the size of my cosmetics bag. Here are a few basic tips:
    • Use creme lipstick as blush.
    • Powder contour palettes make great eyeshadow, eyebrow filler, and setting powder.
    • Moisturizers can be a great substitute for primer.
    • Lipgloss works great as an eyegloss, highlighter and frizz tamer.
    • Use eyeshadows as blush and highlighters.
  • SPF.  Sun exposure causes skin damage and puts you at risk for skin cancer. Protect yourself!
  • Pack liquids in small containers to save space. Check with your airlines for accurate information on permissible liquids and containers.
  • Keep your face clean. Prevent waking up with a bad breakout from extended makeup wear and stress from a long trip.
  • Sleep and hydration. Fight fatigue from traveling by getting rest and drinking plenty of water.

Finding things to do during your trip

  • Do use Yelp. Find the best food, local attractions and places to experience culture recommended by real people.
  • Utilize Social Media. Check out what places and things people are enjoying the most by searching hashtags and pictures by location.
  • Groupon. Find local deals and get the most for your money!
  • Ask the locals. People who live in the area you are visiting are a treasure chest of information.
  • YouTube. Travel diaries on YouTube are riveting these days.


  • International Traveling. Find out what you are expected present, do, or pay before entering a country you are not from. Check official government websites for current travel information. Also, getting SIM card info would be wise if you want service on your unlocked cell phone. There is so much more to international traveling, but I did say this was a basic post.
  • Transportation. Determine wether you will rent a car, use public transportation or a service like Uber. Calculate the fees associated with your preferred method of transportation and make sure you have the budget to get around.
  • Business travel. Make sure you know who your point of contact is in your organization regarding your itinerary.
  • Consider creating a budget. Control costs and create a budget that works well for you.

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