3 Teas for Better Skin

teas for better skin

Tea is not only a great way to drink more water, but to help improve certain conditions of the skin. After all, we are what we eat (and drink). Who’s ready to ring in 2018 with better skin? Get your teapots ready ladies and gents. Here is the shortlist for teas for better skin.

Teas for better skin? Gimmick or forreal?

There are a bunch of health influencers and even tea connoisseurs who offer advice on which teas will make your skin “better”, without citing their sources and or providing actual evidence to support their suggestions. My article will be different. I will provide “receipts” in the form of peer reviewed research. Thank me later.

Green Tea – Skin Aging

green teas for better skin

Green tea has been found to prevent oxidative stress and oxidative stress has be known to play a major role in the skin aging process. Beautiful skin comes in many colors, textures and ages. However, for those who want skin that appears more youthful for longer, green tea may be a good cup of tea for you. Don’t forget to fight off skin damaging rays of the sun by drenching your skin with a good SPF. Another great use for Green tea is depuffing undereye bags. Given the caffeine content in found in Green tea, you can depuff your eyes by putting a pair of brewed Green tea bags in the fridge or freezer. When they are cold enough, I like to apply the tea bag onto my eye to depuff. The caffeine will help constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Yay!

Chamomile Tea – Sleep

chamomile teas for better skin

Sleep is a huge part of my beauty routine. Have you ever had a sleepless nights and found that you had to use a bit more concealer under your eyes? Maybe the bags under your eyes were a bit puffier than usual? These skin conditions definitely take the youthful glow and look away, so sleep is key. Chamomile tea is a great tea for those who find it hard to fall asleep at night or who simply want to relax. It helps calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. With those two things being kept at bay, sleep is only a wink away. Get good sleep and experience a more well-rested appearance!

Rosehip Tea – Skin Elasticity

rosehip teas for better skin

Rosehip tea has been found to fight pathogenic microorganisms due to its antimicrobial properties. Also, Rosehips are high in Vitamin C, which regulates the synthesis of the structural protein collagen. What does this mean for your skin? More Vitamin C means your skin can be more structurally supported (on a cellular level) and thus have improved skin elasticity. Additionally, higher intakes of Vitamin C have a correlation to a decrease risk of having dry skin. Supple skin, anyone? Drink your Rosehip tea.

What are your favorite teas for better skin? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below! I want to know what teas you incorporate into your beauty routine.


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