Stunna Lip Paint Dupes + Why I’m Not Purchasing It

stun lip paint dupes

Fenty Beauty is making huge waves in the beauty industry, and for good reasons.

The most impressive thing about Fenty Beauty thus far in my opinion has to be inclusivity from the get go. Downright to the marketing.


I love the edginess but the chic appeal. It’s fresh, sexy, and has something for everyone. The latest showstopper from the Fenty Beauty line is the ‘perfect universal red’ Stunna Lip Paint Longer Fluid Lip Color in the shade “Uncensored”. Though it seems nearly perfect, I am not buying it. Keep reading for the good cause behind my choice and for some Stunna Lip Paint dupes that you probably already have in your collection.

Not buying this product isn’t part of an anti-haul.

Lipstick is probably my favorite makeup product next to a good mascara and perfume rollerballs. I have so much of it that I find myself giving it away to my co-workers and or their kids. Hundreds of dollars worth of lipstick that I probably won’t ever get to use before they expire! Which leads me to my next point. Downsizing is something I am practicing with makeup. It’s soooo hard because I love makeup but I am trying to be more practical. More importantly I am trying to stay in love with the products I currently own. So far it’s been fun and surprisingly a creative moment for me to look at my makeup stash and find new ways to use it! Perfect red Stunna Lip Paint won’t be mines anytime soon… But here are a few products I currently own that are close the the lovely red from the Fenty Beauty line.

Stunna Lip Paint Dupes

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick – Ruby Woo

Who remembers Rihanna’s collect ion with MAC Cosmetics? I do, mostly because I didn’t get my hands on a single item! The most coveted in the collection? Riri Woo lipstick. A beautiful shade of red that is basically Ruby Woo under a new name. For years, Ruby Woo has been touted as the most perfect vibrant red which is beautiful of every skin tone. It is a matte shade which helps it wear longer than a satin. Don’t like the dry feeling? Top it off with the slightest bit of clear gloss for a more comfortable wear.

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede – Kitten Heels 

We can all pretty much agree that NYX has some of the best products for being a drugstore product. My favorite and shade closest to Fenty’s “uncensored” has to be this super bright red that wears comfortably and lasts pretty much a whole work shift and my lunch. Though it is a luquid lipstick, it does not completely dry down. It is a matte lipstick but it is definitely not extremely drying.

— Fashionably (@Dany101189) February 14, 2016


Honestly, there are plenty of red lipsticks out there that will probably be a shade match to Fenty’s new hit lip paint shade. But when I do run out of my favorite reds… You can be sure that I’m going to buy my glass bottle of Fenty Stunna Lip Paint.

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