Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

I swear, I was going to pass up on the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe. Having tried the eyeshadow palettes from Morphe in the past, I was not sure if their “higher quality” Jaclyn Hill palette can really be all that. The reviews were far too good to pass this one up though! After using it for several days, I have formed a pretty solid opinion.

“What….? The Price Went Up!?”

My initial reaction from learning that there was a price increase to this palette in particular is what turned me off to it in the first place. I love Jaclyn Hill. I love Morphe. But a $15 increase in price? That’s almost a 100% increase from the typical $22.99 price point! The justification was that the eyeshadows were pressed differently in order to be higher in pigmentation and quality, and that it required new machines.  Something like that. In my head, all I could ask myself is “Why couldn’t they put this same love and care into their old palettes?” I felt lied to. However, with the review videos coming in, I could not look away from the beautiful quality I was seeing, swatch after swatch. Asking the makeup gods for forgiveness while desperately looking for my wallet, I was able to place an order.

Waiting for the Jaclyn Hill Palette to Arrive

After placing my order, I could not bear the wait. As each day passed, and dozens of new reviews were coming out on YouTube, I became increasingly impatient! So perfectly photographed in every review- I needed to have it in my hands!

I didn’t pay extra for shipping so that it can come faster. I had already bit the bullet in spending $15 more for a palette whose similar predecessors normally costed $22.99. Luckily, my order processed quickly and I received an email the day after with a tracking number. After waiting for what felt like a week, the palette was in my mailbox, packaged nicely and securely.

Unboxing the Product

Tons of bubble wrap protected the palette while it was in transit. The palette was also bubble wrapped inside the actual sleeve that has a few pictures of Jaclyn Hill on the back. Jaclyn Hill PaletteEverything was perfect. No cracked shadows and no dustiness on the inside.

A protective sheet of transparent film was placed on top of the shadows and my package also included some kind of promotional post card with all of the eyeshadow names.

We survived the unboxing part! Now, for the quality…

First Impressions

The perfect circles of eyeshadows were almost too beautiful to dip into with my fingers for a swatch. I ran my finger down one of the shadows and instantly felt a difference in the texture of the eyeshadow compared to their older palettes. It was sooooo buttery.

Even more buttery than lots of higher end palettes have been as of lately. You could only feel a silky surface which was silky enough that you wouldn’t know you where touching an eyeshadow if you where blindfolded. Did I mention that these were the matte shades? The metallic/frosty shades were even more buttery and silky. No kind of rough texture whatsoever. Wow… I underestimated this thing.

Application and Wearability

After using this palette for several days, I can confidently say that it is definitely one of the best in quality that I have come across. Many of my “high end” eyeshadow palettes don’t even have this kind of blend ability and pigmentation! Honestly, it’s everything I could ask for in an eyeshadow- staying power, pigmentation, and super easy to blend! Also, the color selection is amazing. So many looks can be created that are both very “wearable” and playful. However, perfection doesn’t exist and there are some complaints I have for this palette.


Why did Jaclyn decide on a white freakin box?! If she really thought about how her fans would use this (other than photographing it), she would not have chosen a color that gets dirty so easily!

Notice the fingerprints on the cover? I wish she had chosen another color. It’s pretty, but it won’t stay that way for long. Also, this palette does not have a magnetic closure or latch.

I can see this being a problem especially if its being transported. The bubble wrap packaging I am definitely keeping for storage purposes.

Is this palette all hype?

Hype for this palette was crazy- and rightfully so. It is an amazing product with amazing value from a trusted voice (and brand) in the beauty community. I hope to see better construction that’s more mindful of wear and tear, but the stuff inside is what’s important- and it’s probably the best eyeshadow formula I have tried thus far!

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