Glossier: Smoke And Mirrors, Or The Real Deal?

Glossier Review

Glossier is the “skincare first” company that is taking the beauty world by storm. Millennials are loving this buzz-worthy brand, but is it really all that?

Millennials Are Obsessed

This brand is hard to ignore, and their marketing campaigns have the word “Millennial” written all over them. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

If that wasn’t convincing enough, here’s another piece of evidence for good measure:

Pop-up shops, pretty marketing, cruelty-free formula, and minimalism. Vibes. And more vibes. But let’s face it. We all must have asked our selves, “Once the honeymoon phase is over, will I still love you Glossier?”

First Impressions

Hey, of course I had to test these products! I mean c’mon. The marketing is too cute to turn a blind eye. I have been using the Glossier products for about half a year.  I also paid for the products with my own money. That makes me somewhat credible in offering my opinion on Glossier, right? I ordered the Priming Moisturizer, and the Boy Brow– both highly coveted products in the beauty community.

*Ahem, “receipts”:

Your Order Product Name Quantity Subtotal
 0018 pm Priming Moisturizer

1 $25.00
Brown Boy Brow

1 $16.00

(*I did receive a % off my order after using someone’s promo code I found on Instagram)

Inside the box, a pink bubble wrap ziplock style bag was included as well as a bunch of cute stickers. The products where inside these very instagrammable boxes. I kept them for a while until they got dirty in my makeup drawer. Anywho… Onto some claims.


In a nutshell, the Priming Moisturizer promises to deliver the ideal base that provides moisture and smaller pores. Boy Brow promises to change your life forever. Well, that’s what the world says. It claims to thicken, fill and groom brows. Damn. Those are some strong claims, Glossier.

The Good

I’m just going to go ahead and cut to the chase. Boy Brow must have been made by some kind of eyebrow god that we don’t know about. With a few swipes, my brows looked naturally fuller, thicker and where kept in place for almost a whole day of work (that’s an accomplishment). It delivers a tint of color without making your brows look so obviously filled in. The texture is waxy and matte, kind of like a paste. The formula does a wonderful job at keeping my brows in place and giving them that extra oomph that makes my brows look thick, well-groomed and lush. Honest AF right now, it’s not pictured because I ran out of it a few weeks ago and have since then switched to Essence’s Eyebrow Gel just for kicks (okay, I was being cheap) and now I deeply regret ever ditching Boy Brow!

The Bad

On the other hand… The Priming Moisturizer does indeed moisturize, yes. But it’s a little too greasy. And that’s not the worst part. It doesn’t make my pores look smaller, not even in the slightest. I only reach for this product when I need an “overnight” moisturizer. It’s that greasy and thick. I tried using it under my foundation and the greasiness caused a lot of shine and creasing, even with Kat Von D’s Lock It Setting Powder. Yes. It’s true. I really wanted to love this product for every day use but now only comes in handy when my skin dries out and needs some overnight repair. Even reducing the amount I would normally use still left a very greasy and heavy feeling on my skin. I will see to it that I finish the tube, but we’re breaking up after that.

Is Glossier Worth It?

Boy Brow is worth it and beyond. There are many like it, but there are none that can compete. I would like to add, though, my eyebrows are naturally a little on the thicker side. It’s very possible that the natural state of my brows made me love this product even more. Sparse or thin brows may not have the same results that I saw. It’s suppose to give your brows a subtle lift from wherever your starting point is. Thinner brows might see some filling and definitely a good hold, but naturally thick brows would probably get the most of this product. Their highly coveted highlighter, Haloscope, is on my wish list and hopefully it doesn’t let me down like the Priming Moisturizer did.

Have you used Glossier products? What was your experience and would you continue purchasing the products?

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